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Wedding cakes have become a phenomenal feature about weddings. While the tradition of having one has long existed, the craft seems to have been taken to another level in modern times, with bakers and cake designers becoming incredibly creative and innovative.

One such person is pastry chef Olivia Pretorius Williford, who is believed to be the genius behind September's five-tiered off-set cakes. With some many words to complement the cakes purely from a visual perspective, we're also convinced that they were delightfully palatable.

Thank you the best in the business of cake. You captured everything we wanted and the taste in all the flavours.

Thabo S.

Olivia from painted cakes is amazing and exceptionally helpful. I was underprepared and approached her too late to make a cake from scratch but she really went out of her way to accommodate me and still produced a delicious cake. The glaze was beautiful and creative. Definitely a five star from me for service, taste and aesthetic. <3

A. Van Zyl

This was my anniversary cake - I have never seen or tasted anything this extraordinary! You are a genius! From the moment I laid eyes on it, I was captivated by its sheer beauty. The intricate design and delicate details were a true testament to your exceptional talent and creativity.

As I took my first bite, I was transported to a world of pure bliss. The flavors danced on my tongue, each layer more delectable than the last. The moist chocolate sponge combined with the rich, velvety caramel filling created a symphony of taste that left me craving for more.

Not only did the cake look and taste incredible, but it also held a deeper meaning. The vibrant colors and carefully sculpted decorations represented our journey together, reminding me of the love and joy we have shared throughout the years. It was as if you had captured our entire relationship in a single masterpiece.

You truly are a genius, creating edible works of art that not only satisfy the senses but also touch the heart. The time, effort, and passion you invested in crafting this cake are evident in every single bite. It was a celebration of our love, and you made it absolutely unforgettable.

Thank you for making our anniversary even more special with this extraordinary creation. Your talent and dedication are truly unparalleled

Bruce L

Thank you Olivia for the stunning cake with the most awesome filling/s ..we all enjoyed even Laura from Luka vineyards wanted to try and share with chef..amazing.

can't wait for the Christmas one..

muito obrigada e até dia 24 se Deus quiser..

Rita D.

Amazing, beautiful and delicious. We drove from knysna to Hermanus with cake and it looks exactly as when I got it this morning. Tastes amazing, absolutely the best!!
T. Spykerman

Most beautiful cake I ever received! And the taste! Wow! I have never tasted anything like it! I absolutely recommend The Painted Cakes!
Marie L.

It was beautiful outside, inside and tasted better than ever expected. A true masterpiece. Thanks Olivia for your excellent service.
Nicky S.


This is the best cake we've ever had. An absolute work of art and delicious as well!

My cake was outstanding. It looked exquisite and tasted incredible. I can’t wait to try other flavours.
Karen L.

Firstly let me thank Olivia for exceeding my expectations. The cake was super amazing. We really enjoyed it.. Thanks once more 🙏

Absolutely beautiful cake my guests were blown away

Absolutely stunning cake for my partner’s birthday.
We have been admiring Olivia’s cakes for a while. I thought there was no better surprise gift for Craig
Unfortunately I ruined the surprise because I couldn’t contain my excitement 😏
Taste was divine, I don’t have a sweet tooth but loved the combination of tastes without being cloyingly sweet.
Order your cake from Olivia’s catalogue, trust me you will not be disappointed
Joanne M.

The cakes are delicious and gluten free. I have never tasted anything better.
B. Baxter

I have never tasted ANY cake better in my life. It is smooth and tasty but not too sweet and beautiful too. I will definitely buy my next BDay cake here.
Lee-Anne T.

Olivia is a master craftswoman in what she does. Having had some in depth knowledge of what is involved in her craft and how she goes about this is astounding. She is more of artist than a baker and her cakes tastes heavenly. I can highly recommend her for any event you have in mind!
Butch C.

The most beautiful cakes I have ever seen, and delicious to match. These are masterpieces!
K. Mold

These are absolutely gorgeous decorated cakes and so delicious. Lovely decadent tastes and flavours.

A. Van Heerden